Emergency Aid Equipment, Kits & Chemicals

We supply a wide range of systems for supply, storage, treatment and water distribution as well as kits for emergency water testing. These include:

• Disinfection tablets / solutions, dirty water purification granules to purify water in emergency situations

• Pumps and generators

• Storage tanks, pipes and fittings

• Mobile water filtration units

• Chemical dosing systems

• Hand washing dispensers

• Emergency consumables e.g. soaps, detergents, toilet cleaning fluids, buckets etc

• Protective clothing and equipment

• Emergency water testing kits

Filters & Housings

We offer the following different types of filters for use in mechanical filtration in domestic households, industries, and institutions:

• Polypropylene (PP) melt-blown fiber type sediment cartridges

• Polypropylene string type sediment cartridges

• Pleated cartridges

• Activated carbon block filter cartridges

• 10 inch reusable ceramic filter cartridge

• Filter Bags

• In-line filter housings

General accessories

We also supply filter media and accessories for water treatment:

• Pumps

• FRP Vessels

• Pipes and fittings

• Greensand

• Activated carbon

• Filter sand

• Filter support gravel

• Ion exchange and softening resins

• Industrial salts

• Control Panels

• Water treatment chemicals

Reverse Osmosis Components and Accessories

We also supply the following reverse osmosis accessories and components: Antiscalant chemicals, Membrane cleaning products, Membrane preservation chemicals, membrane housings, RO membranes, pipes and fittings