Chemicals & Reagents

We supply the following:

• Prepared reagent sets for various water testing kits and equipment

• Pure and Analytical chemicals and reagents


These include meters and probes for pH, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature, and Conductivity.

In addition, with Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) meters and probes, additional parameters can be tested: Fluoride, Nitrate, ORP, Sodium, Ammonia, and Chloride.

They are available either as bench top or portable meters for use in the lab and field respectively.

Flow Products

We supply flow meters and samplers for the following applications:

• Open channel (gravity flow): sanitary sewers, storm water sewers, rivers and streams

• Closed channel (pressurized flow): pumped flow, industrial and treatment plants

• Samplers

Laboratory supplies

We supply the following:

• Autoclaves • Balances • Sampling bags and bottles • Glassware: beakers, bottles, burettes, flasks, measuring cylinders, test tubes, separatory funnel, pipettes etc • Wash bottles • Centrifuges • Stirrers • Clamps • Desiccators • Evaporating dish • Mortar and pestle • Petri dishes • Laboratory filters • Safety equipment: goggles, gloves, masks etc • Hotplates and stirrers • Incubators and ovens • Microscopes • Vacuum pumps • Water stills • Thermometers • Titrators • Samplers

Portable Water Testing Kits

We offer two types of test kits:

• Comprehensive portable environmental multi-parameter laboratories with advanced instrumentation — for fast, accurate results in the field or in the lab for both physical-chemical/ microbiological analysis, or a combination of both.

• Single parameter kits with easy-to-use color comparators

Single Parameter Test Kits

Virtually every parameter for your water monitoring needs is covered: halogens, heavy metals, transition metals, dissolved gases, disinfectants, pH and acidity, salts and hardness and many more. Water testing is based on simple test strips, color blocks and wheels(comparators), colorimeters and automatic titrators.

Waste Water Analysis Equipment

We supply BIOLOGICAL OXYGEN DEMAND (BOD) EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES, BOD systems, Thermostatically controlled cabinet and Chemical oxygen demand (COD) equipment and accessories

Colorimeters, Turbidimeters and Spectrophotometers

We supply Colorimeters, Turbidimeters and Spectrophotometers